Calculus I - Derivative of Cosecant Function csc(x) - Proof

Proof of the derivative formula for the cosecant function.

Infinite Looper - Marek Poliks , Christian Smith

Documentation of Studio LOOS (Den Haag, NL) residency October 2017 Music for amplified objects, samplers, and video Video Credits in order (filed under Creative Commons license): I-phone Video of Beach - Christian Smith

Infinite Looper and Launchpad

A number of users asked for Launchpad support in the app.... so a little bit of hacking, and were on our way!


Infinite Looper Swing

The next update of Infinite Looper will have swing mode. Alternate 16th notes are delayed a bit, to create a shuffle feel. Swing can be turned on or off on a track-by-track basis.

איך לנגן סרטון בYouTube בצורה אינסופית בעזרת אתר

שלום. בסרטון הזה אני אלמד אתכם איך לנגן סרטון בRU-clip בצורה אינסופית (הסרטון מתנגן ללא הפסקה שוב ושוב). במדריך אנחנו נשתמש באתר :


RU-clip broke/disabled the infinite loop annotation trick today, I was too late :( Recommended viewing via www.

Infinite Looper Gameplay

Gameplay video for my latest game 'Infinite Looper', which was made for Game Dev Network: Blueberry Jam. You can play it here

Rebus sic stantibus - Decimotercera sesión

La decimotercera sesión de Rebus sic stantibus, una partida estilo sandbox de Vampiro la Mascarada, ambientada en Londres actual. Jugadores: Narel, como Nathan Blake Casemir como Kixx Mu como Edweena Bernard Alucard como Delilah Copperson Narwen c..

Infinite Looper 1.1

Infinite Looper Aleph Looper Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth

Calculus I - Implicit Differentiation - Example 4 - Find the Slope of a Curve at a Point

An example of using implicit differentiation to find the slope of a curve at a point on the curve.

Trigonometry - The Pythagorean Identities

Statement and explanation of the Pythagorean identities, including one of the most important identities in all of math.

Ford Quadricycle Engine Run at Henry Ford Museum (1896 replica)

The last engine run of the day on the last day of the big annual show. If you can't get enough of the engine sound, here it is running endlessly on

InfiniteLooper 1

Demo of the "Infinite Looper". TiVo-like live play-back of radio channel audio using the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. Note: The Pi Zero will sometimes drop samples. I'm working to improve this but for reliable operation, a rPi 2 or rPi3 should be used.

Loop YouTube Videos with

In this video I go over how to Loop RU-clip videos with www.

Infinite Looper 2.0 Infinite Looper is an iOS MIDI looper for both the iPhone and iPad. It supports six tracks of instruments (using the internal SoundFont engine), or synthesizers hosted throu..


Knock knock Who's there? DEATH Highlighted per request. For infinite fun: www.

Infinite Looper - 72 NdFeB magnet balls

Focus Set Shape 2/6. This one is pretty easy to use and make, and doesn't grind on the coating too much. This shape shouldn't damage weaker coated magnets like neoballs or generic neocube or buckyballs. - The highest quality ma..
Загрузка... & Technical Difficulties Test: Jump Rope

Sometimes you need to see your video again, and again. Sometimes problems pop up during recording. This video works for both!

How to play sniper properly

For bigger impression use this : www.

Infinite Looper 2.6

We've added a Secret Agent interface to the new version of Infinite Looper (and Aleph Looper), that allows you to easily upload songs you've created, and download what others have been doing. Here's a song created by one of our users, CuscoLima.

Infinite Looper sample recording

A short instrumental created with Secret Base Design's Infinite Looper featuring Sunrizer synth as an IAA

Hot Wheels Infinite Looper- Crate Racer Gameplay!!

#HotWheels #HotWheelsInfiniteLooper #iosgames #Racinggames


If you found that refreshing click here (www.

Earthbound Special - A small treat

ALL MUSIC BELONGS TO THEIR CREATORS. - Credits Onett(melee), www.

Alpha Pro v2 ♂ Deep Sleep Programming Natural Self Confidence ♀ Law of Attraction Confidence Booster

This is the deep sleep programming edition of the original Alpha Pro and has been crafted so that you can play the confidence affirmations back to yourself while you sleep! The audio consists of a one hour sleep induction, featuring isochronic tones ..

Infinite Looper 1.2 -- Scale Based Keyboard

New for version 1.2 scale based keyboards for both iPad and iPhone. This video shows the app running on an iPhone 5S. We're using the internal synthesizer with a piano patch; this works with external MIDI devices, and IAA synths as well.

[MabinogiSounds] - Rain

the rain in Mabinogi. i think it's pretty sounding and nice to fall asleep to :) if you're like me and want to loop this, a great and easy way is

Lucidia (v3) - Lucid Dream Induction With Binaural Beats & isochronic Tones (GAMMA Triggers)

MP3 DOWNLOAD: This is the third and final version of our 'Lucidia' series, which makes use of gamma waves (40hz) as lucid-triggers. To loop this audio, you can use this tool - www...

Infinite Looper -- iPhone version

We're close to having the Infinite Looper version for the iPhone done. IL will go universal, and we'll also release a lower cost iPhone-only version.... Good times, good time!

Color test for Infinite Looper

I'm going to spend some time tweaking the colors and UI of Infinite Looper. And to make life easy, I'm using Sidecar to do the tweaking! Good old stupid programmer tricks!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Pirates Montage - Soundtrack

Infinite Looper (No need to rape the Replay button ♥) ♫ ► www.

Surge Breathing - HypnoBirthing® | Dýchanie počas sťahov - HypnoPôrod®

Video to help you practise Surge Breathing. For detailed information on this breathing technique, contact your HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method practitioner near you. To watch this video in a loop, please use this link: ..

Super Crate Box - Level 1 BGM

BGM for level 1 of "Super Crate Box" Loop: www.

Trigonometry - Foundations - Degrees, Minutes, Seconds - Four Examples

Explanation of degrees, minutes, and seconds, and examples of converting between decimals and DMS format.

Infinite Looper Quickstart Infinite Looper is a MIDI looping app for iOS. Easily create loops using any of the six internal SoundFont instruments, or with IAA compatible synths loop MIDI segments to mak..

Infinite Looper

This is an animation test. Yep.

Calm Breathing - HypnoBirthing® | Pokojné dýchanie - HypnoPôrod®

Video to help you practise Calm Breathing. For detailed information on this breathing technique, contact your HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method practitioner near you. To watch this video in a loop, please use this link: w..

Calculus I - Related Rates - General Process and Example 1 - Sliding Ladder

Related rates problem with a ladder sliding down a wall. The related rates worksheet with the general process and examples 1 - 6 can be found here -

Infinite Looper 2.3 -- Twitter Import Infinite Looper is an iOS music making app; it's part drum machine, part step sequencer, part live looper, and maybe a little bit of a clip launcher and DAW too. It's desi..

SAS Slip And Slide - Norwegian 737 Drifting On Ice

Source video was posted back in Feb 2011. This remix should have been made years ago. For maximum fun, here's the last segment on the

infinitelooper (made with Spreaker)


Infinite Looper development

Alpha version walkthrough. Lots of UI stuff to wrangle, but it's already a lot of fun to mess with.

HD MilkyWay Space Visualiser 1080p - Cosmos Visualiser - No Audio

Full HD 1920 x 1080p space visualiser. Use www.

Trigonometry - Foundations - Area of a Sector - Two Examples

The formula for the area of a sector of a circle and two examples of using it. Click here for a copy of the worksheet -

🌥 Finnish Summer Timalapse, 12h in 6 mins

Infinite loop of this video: www.

Waaaaaaaaahhh! Go to www.infinitelooper.con and paste in the link for the full effect

Infinite Looper (No need to rape the Replay button ♥) ♫ ► www.

Infinite Looper 2.0 Beta

Infinite Looper is an iOS app that handles MIDI looping. It includes an innovative sequencer, and supports IAA and Ableton Link. Version 2.0 will be released in January 2017, and adds support for importing and exporting MIDI loops, along with built..

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