I made working Tnt Yeeters in Minecraft 1.14

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program ►Download (1.14.4):

Venom in Vanilla Minecraft

Yo, what's up guys! I'm back with another superhero creation! Today I recreated Venom from the upcoming Marvel movie. The command creation gives you lots of cool abilities like tentacles, spikes, super jumps, wall climbing and more. For a tutorial on..

McMakistein vs samasaurus6 - CommandKing Quarterfinal 2/4

Official Website: Minecraft CommandKing Season 2 Quarterfinal 2/4:

I made a Walking Transformer House in Minecraft 1.14

Today I'm back with another datapack for Minecraft 1.14 which adds a working tnt-shooting house to your survival world. All you need is a data- and resourcepack and you can enjoy this crazy new feature too. This creative idea comes from MumboJumbo wh..

How To Build 5 EASY Secret & Hidden Doors || Minecraft

In this video I'm showing you how to build a secret hidden Base with 5 epic and easy to use secret doors. They let even the biggest minecraft noob easily hide your items from hackers or other pros who might wanna steal your belongings. This commandc..

Spiderman in Vanilla Minecraft

Hey y'all! I recreated spiderman in Vanilla Minecraft 1.8.1. Just download this map or put the schematic in your world and enjoy the experience! :D Download link: (Play on a tiny..

Ugly Christmas Sweaters || Minecraft Advent Calendar ~ Day 3

This minecraft commandblock advent calendar contains a super cool new one-command creation every single day! It requires a command and resourcepack both of which can be downloaded from the website linked below. Every creation adds a unique new christ..


Хочешь больше видео - Подпишись и Поставь Лайк! :D Мой Twitch канал: ►По деловым предложениям п..

I Made a Flying House in Minecraft

In todays video I'm showing you how I made my minecraft house fly. The datapack I created can be used in your survival world and will add a flying house to your very own world. Hope you enjoy! :) ►Download (1.14.4):

Mercy | Overwatch in Minecraft Ep. 9

A new hero from Overwatch has joined the Minewatch roster - Mercy! ►Support me on Patreon:

EPIC Underwater Redstone House | Minecraft 1.13

Hey guys, today I'm showing you some awesome new tools that you can use to build your very own underwater base! It only takes two commands to install and a resourcepack is not required either. For the upcoming aquatic 1.13 update these should really ..

Minecraft - Futuristic House Mechanics w/ Grian

For today's video I teamed up with Grian to create the most awesome futuristic house ever! The machine, which can easily be installed using the One Command method, adds 11 different mechanics to your world. In this video we are showing you the mechan..

How to Destroy Minecraft with 5 VIRUS Commands

In this video I'm showing you how to destroy your minecraft world with 5 different Virus commands. This creation comes in the form of a datapack which you can download from my website linked below. Please watch the video for a tutorial on how to inst..

New Difficulty Added: SUPER NOOB - Minecraft

A new difficulty has come to minecraft and it can be installed using only one command. The machine will make minecraft extremely easy so that even the biggest noob can experience success and beat the game! ►Download(1.12):

Getting Over It - Minecraft 1.13 Map

The popular game "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" has come to minecraft. Hope you enjoy! :) ►Download:

I Transformed the Minecraft Jungle Temple | Ft. McMakistein

The vanilla Jungle temple is pretty cool, but it could be better. This week I teamed up with the amazing youtuber

WATERSHEEP'S REVENGE | PewDiePie Bossfight in Minecraft 1.14

The almighty Watersheep from Pewdiepie's Minecraft series has returned...and he's out for some blood. The datapack I created adds a fully working new bossfight to the game. For instructions on how the fight works or how to install the datapack make s..

New Minecraft Difficulty: REVERSE

A new difficulty has come to minecraft and it can be installed using the one command installation. The machine will flip minecraft upside down and invert lots of the standard mechanics! ►Command (1.13.1):

How To Transform a NETHER PORTAL | Minecraft

Hello guys, in todays video I'm showing you how to build 5 awesome Nether Portals using commandblocks. They are all available for free download so if you want to use them feel free to visit the link below! :) ►Download:

✔ Minecraft: 10 New Crafting Recipes

Hello guys, today I'm bringing you a new One Command Creation, which adds 10 new items to your vanilla minecraft world! ►Download (1.11):

How To Build a FUTURISTIC House In Minecraft

How To Build a FUTURISTIC House In Minecraft. Let's get Makistein to 100k subs!видео.html&ab_channel=

Minecraft - How To Build an INVISIBLE House

For todays video I created a 1.13 datapack that allows you to build an invisible house. I made everything survival friendly so you can even craft the items. ►Download (1.13.2):

[Minecraft 1.13] New EPIC 3D Weapons (Command Functionpack)

What's up everyone! For todays video I created 8 new awesome 3D weapons that you can use in your own world. Toward the end of the video I'm showing you how to install the data- and resourcepack. The creation features awesome things like flame-thrower..

10 New Crazy Minecraft Weapons

In this video I'm showing you some brand new minecraft noob vs pro weapons I created. The datapack contains awesome swords, bows, boomerangs and even RC planes! Enjoy! ►Download:

Minecraft - How To Build a working WATER DAM

Hello guys, in this video I'm showing you how I made a working Water Dam in Vanilla Minecraft. This video is the start of a new series, where I transform builds and add commandblock components to them. If you have any ideas/suggestions for what I cou..

Minecraft | Mutant Ghast Boss in One Command

Are wither and enderdragon already boring and too easy for you? Then you might like this one command creation that adds mutant ghasts into your vanilla minecraft world! Support me on Patreon:

Minecraft - 7 Awesome Traps || 1.13 Datapack

Hey everyone, today I'm showing you 7 awesome traps I made for Vanilla Minecraft 1.13.1! All you need is a resource- and datapack. This creation features beartraps, moving walls, maze traps and much more, hope you enjoy! :) ►Download (1.13.1): htt..

Thor in Vanilla Minecraft

Hello beautiful people! I made another superhero as well as a sick cinematic to demonstrate the abilites. It took me about two weeks to build this concept and another 4 days to edit the video, so please show some love and share this video around! :3 ..

I added a new CRAZY Mode to Minecraft

Today we're exploring what minecraft would look like if it had a crazy mode difficulty. I had some other RU-cliprs suggest new features and actually added them to the game. You can even play it yourself by downloading the datapack and resourcepack fr..

FORTNITE WEAPONS in Minecraft 1.13

Hey guys, I recreated Fortnite Battle Royal weapons and tools in Vanilla Minecraft 1.13. The commandcreation comes as a datapack and resourcepack. Once you installed everything you can use 9 different tools and weapons to play Fortnite in your own mi..

5 Tips To Make ANY Build Look Better

In this video I'm showing you 5 useful tips and tricks on how to make any minecraft build look a lot better. ►World Download (1.13.2):

Minecraft - Fitness Utilities | One Command

I'm back with another video. This time I created fitness equipment in Vanilla Minecraft. Just install the machine using the command from below and you'll be ready to go. Command (1.8.8):

5 New Block Ideas for Minecraft 1.14 w/ Grian

Hey everyone, for todays video I teamed up with Grian to create some awesome new minecraft features. We came up with several ideas and I implemented them into the game using commandblocks. For more awesome special items, be sure to check out his vide..

Minecraft | How to make working Combination Locks

Hey, what's up! Today I'm showing you how to make working combination locks in vanilla minecraft! The whole thing can easily be installed with one command in case you want to actually use this creation. Also, I like ice cream. ►Download(1.11.2): h..

Working Escalators in Minecraft 1.13

Today I'm showing you how to use working escalators in vanilla minecraft. They come as a one-command creation and require a resourcepack for the visual appearance. Hope you enjoy! :) ►Command (1.13.1):

Minecraft: Custom Commands | Tutorial

Tutorial for the Fake Snapshot I posted a few days ago. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it here:видео.html Download: ..

I added PewDiePie to Minecraft

The legend himself PewDiePie has come to Minecraft! The datapack I made has a lot of cool new features, including a Pewdiepie boss fight, Sven, Watersheep, Joergen, some epic gamer gear and more! If you want to use this creation in your own world, wa..

D.Va || Overwatch in Minecraft Ep. 7

D.Va from the popular game Overwatch has come to Minecraft! ►Support me on Patreon:

10 Magic Tricks In Minecraft To Troll Your Friends With

Today we're taking a look at 10 awesome magic tricks in minecraft which you can use in your own survival world to prank your friends. The creation only requires a datapack and you'll get some creative new tools to use in your world. From levitation a..

I Made a HAUNTED Jungle Temple in Minecraft | ft. GeminiTay

Today I teamed up with GeminiTay to transform the standard jungle temples in minecraft. We created a massive map that even contains a ton of different traps and puzzles. ►GeminiTay's video:видео.html ►Download: mcmaki..

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet in Minecraft 1.13

Hey guys, today I recreated the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvels new Avengers Infinity War movie in vanilla minecraft 1.13. It gives you lots of cool abilities like mind control, fireballs, freezing time, creating wormholes and much more. If is availab..

What If Minecraft was Realistic?!

Today we're exploring how minecraft would look like if it was more realistic. To demonstrate my ideas I created a datapack which contains awesome features like, realistic hands, a thirst bar or falling trees. ►Support me on Patreon: www.p..

5 More EASY Secret & Hidden Doors || Minecraft

In this video I'm showing you 5 awesome secret hidden doors which you can use in your own survival world. All you need is a datapack and resourcepack both of which you can download for free from the website linked below. ►Donwload (1.13.2): https:..

Ironman in Vanilla Minecraft

A lot of you guys suggested this, so I made Ironman in Vanilla Minecraft. I hope you all enjoy! :3 Download (1.8.4):

How to Build a working BOAT in Minecraft

Hello guys, in this video I'm showing you how I made a working Water city including a drawbridge, instant elevators working ships and more! :) Don't forget to leave your suggestions for the next episode, can't wait to see what you can come up with! ;..

Skateboards in Vanilla Minecraft

I'm back with another redstone creation. This time I made functional skateboards in vanilla minecraft. You can do different tricks, grind and even do grabs in the halfpipes. Just download the map and try it out for yourself! :) Download (1.8.5): htt..

The most EPIC way to kill a Creeper in Minecraft

Today I come to you with another epic discovery. I found an incredibly easy and efficient way of killing a creeper. Hope you enjoy! ►Support me on Patreon:

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